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"Protect Your Rights"
Welcome to Bastrop CHL Academy
If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Bastrop CHL Academy we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer the best in CHL classes. Bastrop CHL Academy has been located in Rosanky since 1997 and utilizes Schubert Gun Range. Let us put our experience to work for you. Scheduled classes are on the Calendar page. We also tailor classes at the students request. Classes available from 1 to however many spaces needed.
Steps to get your CHL
1. Are you eligible?  Click Here

2. Fill out the DPS Online State Application

**If you are dead set against filling out information online, you can fill out a hard copy of the application. Please keep in mind this will only delay the processing of your license. You can download the forms and bring them with you to class.

List of forms:

     ~CHL-78A CHL Application
     ~CHL-78B Address & Business History
     ~CHL-78C Reported History
     ~CHL-85 Release of Records Affidavit
     ~CHL-86 Knowledge of Laws & Eligibility Affidavit

3. Schedule and complete your fingerprinting - Only if you have completed the online application. If you chose to fill out the hard copy downloadable forms you will need to wait until DPS mails you a letter instructing you to proceed to this step.

4. Register to take the class. The class fee includes: On-Site Range, Passport Photo, Notary, and if needed, $25.00 gun rental with ammo that you provide. (Gun rental is first come, first serve basis so please ask if a gun will be available)

5. What is the cost? The class fee is different from the DPS processing fee.

     Class Fee

     Initial - $100
     Seniors, Veterans and First Responders - $80

     DPS Processing Fee

     $40 Initial License
     $25 Military Veteran - ETS or Retired over 365 days
     $35 Seniors (60 & over)
     $0   Active Duty - Includes Active Guard, Texas State Guard & Reserves, Active Texas Peace Officer, State Correctional Officer and                                       County Jailer.


     $10  MorphoTrust USA (formerly L-1 Enrollment Services)

(a) If you were born outside the US You will need; A copy of your US Passport or Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Birth Abroad (Just one of these documents)

(b) If you are prior service you will need; A copy of your DD214 (Member 4 copy)

(c) If you are Active Duty, Active Reserve or National Guard you will need a copy of your Military ID (front and back) and one of the following:

Copy of Current LES statement
Copy of Current Active Duty orders or a copy of a current enlistment contract
Letter from your commanding officer
(d) Out of State Applicant you will need; A copy of your drivers license in color (front and back)